Tiltrotor Design, Dynamics and Control

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CAD Model Render in Solidworks

The aim was to develop a system and control model of a VTOL tilt tri-rotor UAV that was a hybrid of a tricopter and an inverted V tail fixed wing aircraft.

  1. Developed a dynamic non-linear 12DOF model in MATLAB of the fixed wing aircraft
  2. Modeled the VTOL in both hover and cruise modes and developed a transition controller for the transition flight regime.
  3. The intermediate control strategy was to use sigmoid functions for different variables and smoothly transition between hover and cruise.
  4. Used methods such as cascade PID control, decoupling transformation and position control techniques to control the aircraft and tested model in Simulink.

MATLAB Simulink Model

Aerodynamic Analyses in XFLR using 3D Panel Method

Advisors: Dr. Ranjith Mohan and Dr. Joel George

Work done as part of Summer Research Fellowship Scholar at IIT Madras.


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