Tailless UAV for Search and Rescue

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First Prototype of the tailless UAV

The aim of the project was to design and prototype an autonomous flying wing unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) with a human detection with a non-static camera.

  1. Worked in a team of two and determined the performance parameters of the design for the tailless UAV with a CFD analysis using an unstructured mesh. Built a prototype using foam and balsa wood.
  2. Performed the initial aerodynamics analysis in XFLR5 (opensource software) that uses Vortex Lattice method (VLM) and verified resulting parameters in ANSYS Fluent.
  3. Carried out Dynamic and Stability analysis in AVL (opensource software by MIT) that uses extended VLM and can linearize aerodynamic model about any flight state.
  4. Installed APM 2.6 (Autopilot), GPS and Telemetry module so that waypoint driven navigation could be implemented using Mission Planner.
  5. Performed human detection using an algorithm that ran on a Beaglebone processor and tracked using optical flow data and HAAR classifiers.
  6. Successfully implemented on-board image processing on a custom built low cost UAV.

First Successful autonomous flight

Advisor: Dr. Shibu Clement, BITS Pilani

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